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2022 World Environment Day

World environnement day


TotalEnergies celebrated the World Environment Day 2022 under the theme “Biodiversity, All in Action!”. It was an opportunity to share the Company’s commitments and actions, and to highlight the role that each of us can play in preserving the biodiversity.

The celebrations on site focused around the impact of invasive species on biodiversity. A collection of toxic invasive cane toads was organised and all the staff actively participated.

In Port-Moresby, TotalEnergies EP PNG staff visited Nature Park and were provided information about the high biodiversity values of Papua New Guinea in general, and of the Papua LNG Project area in particular.

An Memorandum of Understanding was also signed on that day between Nature Park and TotalEnergies EP PNG.


EIS Road Show



The EIS roadshow was conducted in April 2022 in the Papua LNG Project Area, in close collaboration with the Conservation and Environment Protection Agency, as part of the permitting process. The roadshow was held in 13 locations and was attended by nearly 3,000 people. All the communities had bee previously informed about the event through the network of community liaison officers and were given a possibility to prepare their questions and comments.

The purpose of the roadshow was to inform the local communities of the social and environmental impacts of the Papua LNG Project and to explain them the mitigation measures that would be put in place.