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TotalEnergies is setting up an Independent Advisory Panel as a key initiative of the Papua LNG project, to bring this project the best-in-class in terms of biodiversity, environment protection, human development, and carbon footprint reduction.

Our conviction is that everyone on the planet should have access to a reliable and affordable energy to foster socio-economic development and that energy can be produced while preserving the environment for present and future generations. TotalEnergies is keen on making the Papua LNG project an exemplary one. Although the construction phase has not started yet, we are already engaging our stakeholders and deploying positive biodiversity and social actions in Papua New Guinea. We are also open to a challenging and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders.

Our vision is that the Papua LNG project should set the standard and illustrate TotalEnergies' responsible way of doing business. We are fully aware that we will operate in a sensitive area, from a social and biodiversity perspective. We are therefore fully committed to ensuring that the adverse impacts of the Project are reduced to the minimum, to consider expectations from the communities and other stakeholders, to adjust the Project where necessary and to bring positive contributions to the people and country of Papua New Guinea.

To implement this vision, The Independent Advisory Panel was launched early November 2022, and comprises highly respected and reputable individuals, who are recognized for their years of positive contribution to environment, biodiversity, human development, and community work, amongst other topics. This Panel is there to advise and support TotalEnergies to push the limits and move forward in a better and more sustainable way.
Transparency is at the core and, as a matter of utmost importance,  we are committed to publishing the recommendations issued by the Panel and providing answers. You will find them here below. TotalEnergies wants to co-create a solution bringing a new source of energy, with a net gain for Papua New Guinea”


picture of julien pouget

TotalEnergies thanks all the Panelists for their time and contribution. Debate and challenges on the Project are essential to make it positive for the environment and for the communities, and to allow the Company to install new standards toward sustainability stakes.

Julien Pouget

Discover our Panel' recommandations

Panel #1 - November 4th, 2022 - Kick-off session 

Closing remarks from the Panelists :

Picture of Carol Kidu

How TotalEnergies do settle a model that can be used to ensure that it benefits to the future generation?

Dame Carol Kidu
Picture of Nicolas Garnier

How to match local expectations. Developers work with assumptions regarding communities, but the communal spirit does not exist. The principle that applies is the permanent readaptation to a changing environment.

Nicolas Garnier
picture of Vojtech Novotny

To achieve a net biodiversity gain and be able to quantify it, the monitoring is key and shall start one or two years ahead of the beginning of the construction phase.

Vojtech Novotny
Picture of Cardinal John Ribat

We should help the community realize what the Project will bring, not only for them, individually, but also for the common good of everyone.

Cardinal John Ribat
Picture of Pete Lowry

Expect the Company to align the Project with global good practices and bring the country at that level. The Panel can discuss what it can bring to the Project, like identifying potential threats on the mid to long-term of the Project. Details surveys are important, as demonstrating net positive impact is quite a challenge.

Pete Lowry
picture of julien pouget

The points raised by the Panelists during the meeting are highly appreciated. It is quite energizing to read their input. We are very conscious of the challenges of the Project, technically and commercially as well. We expect the Panelists to tell us if we are out of track. We require the Panelists to tell us, when necessary and what is not working in the right direction. The discussions are very promising, and I am convinced that this new way of working, with better dialogue, can help the Company to do better than the standards. I encourage the Panelists to speak frankly about the Project.

Julien Pouget
Picture of Carol Le Gall

Thanks to the Panelists for their time and expertise. TotalEnergies come with a lot of humility and want to learn from them. We want to create shared values, and it can take different forms. We will remain vigilant, and we will take benefit from the suggestions made by the Panelists. It is the beginning of a very interesting journey.

Carole Le Gall

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Panel #2 - January 16th to 18th, 2023 - Biodiversity

Field trip to Evara Village, on the Purari river, and Kapuna hospital, located on the 3rd finger of the river. Focus on Biodiversity.

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Panel #3 - April 3rd to 4th and 12th, 2023 - Topic to be defined