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Success will depend on PNG active participation 


Our Vision

The Papua LNG project aims to promote economic development and national industrialization in the Oil & Gas sector, and to develop a competitive National Content program that will contribute to the Project’s needs and performance, and to be recognised as a trusted partner to assist Papua New Guinea develop a diversified and sustainable economy. 

The Papua LNG project is committed to promoting economic development and national industrialization. Implementing an industrial development plan is a long-term undertaking; it requires the training of people, capital investment and maintaining a steady level of activity so that the created production base survives and thrives.

We are taking an integrated approach to local content development which means work will be ongoing for the life of the Project – including both the construction and operations phases. This approach aims to capitalize on the development phase to build the capacity of the local workforce and local businesses which will drive the growth of Papua’s oil and gas industry, and the economy more broadly.


Our objectives 

We aim to create a long-lasting value in PNG, by fostering the integration of PNG citizens and companies in the Papua LNG project supply chain.

The ethos of the National Content strategy is encompassed in three commitments:

  1. Employment of PNG citizens with appropriate qualifications at all levels of the organization or as sub-contractors,
  2. Development and implementation of effective training programs for PNG employees at each phase and level of operations, either in Papua or abroad,
  3. Preferential purchasing of local goods and services when internationally comparable in terms of quality, availability, quantity, and price.

The strategy defines the overarching terms whereby the project will contribute to the development and attainment of a sustainable industrial database in each of the different phases of the Project, with a strong emphasis on training and capacity development through SME development.


Our principles

Promote the employment and training of PNG citizens by:

  • Encouraging the recruitment of PNG citizens within the Project activities to promote national oil and gas competencies.
  • Maximizing the participation of PNG citizens in the Project activities, including these conducted by National LNG contractors.
  • Supporting and strengthening PNG Educational Institutes to provide fundamental training and certification.
  • Encouraging the recruitment and training of the community in the vicinity of the contract/Project execution.

Encourage the supply of local goods and services by :

  • Giving preference to the procurement of local goods and services provided by national companies and citizens, without compromising on quality and health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards.
  • Promote local goods obtainable within the local communities and services provided by national citizens and local companies established within the local community.

Build local capacity by :

  • Promoting the creation of partnerships between national and international companies to foster technology transfer and capacity building.
  • Promoting local supplier development programs aimed at building local capacity.
  • Encouraging the establishment and registration of high-tech international companies in PNG.
  • Participating in joint-industry initiatives to support the development of National Content.

Monitor National Content performance by :

  • Continuously monitoring the Papua LNG performance, which includes its contractors’ and subcontractor’s.


Our Engagement

The Papua LNG project is committed to meaningful engagement with all its stakeholders based on the principles of participation, respect for human rights, non-discrimination, empowerment, transparency and accountability. Stakeholder engagement will therefore be conducted in order to establish a lasting, positive relationships with stakeholders. The Project engage to provide meaningful and timely information to enable stakeholders to contribute meaningfully all along the process.

We commit to work co-operatively with stakeholders to understand their concerns and seek solutions, to the addressing of stakeholder concerns in a fair and effective manner, and proactively consult in an open based dialogue appropriate for the different stakeholders.

Success will depend on PNG active participation

The Project relies on the PNG market to commit to - and comply with- the maximization of National Content. As such we highlight everyone's responsibility and especially PNG citizens to prepare and participate. We also anticipate companies to create partnerships with either locally owned or foreign owned companies to strengthen local capability, capacity competitiveness.