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 Watch the video on Kapuna’s partnership

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Kapuna hospital's partnership


Watch the video on Kapuna’s inauguration day

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Kapuna hospital's inauguration day


Kapuna hospital 

Kapuna Rural Health Centre is located 98.7km from the nearest town, Kerema. It can only be reached via river systems. It is accessible by 30,000 people PNG locals.

Kapuna Hospital Inauguration, Jan. 28th '22 

In 2021, Kapuna had a complete upgrade to its health facilities, a collaborative partnership project between a number of key stakeholders including TotalEnergies (TE). TE provided the logistics support in transporting construction materials to project site. Fully powered by solar.

The Kapuna rural hospital undertook a major renovation that lasted about two years. The new hospital was inaugurated on Friday 28th January 2022. The event was officiated and witnessed by the Prime Minister Honorable James Marape along with dignitaries from the Gulf Province, representatives from the Australia High Commission and Incentive Fund and various stakeholders. TotalEnergies EPPNG, as a main contributor to the project, was also invited to the event. 
TotalEnergies EP PNG was happy to be an active partner to the project by assisting with the expertise and documentation in the proposal submission along with logistics support transporting all project related building materials free of cost from Port Moresby to Kapuna. TotalEnergies EP PNG also provided seats on the charter flight of its volunteer workforce between Port Moresby and Purari. 
The success of the Kapuna hospital maintenance and upgrade illustrates a shining example of Stakeholder Collaboration Partnership approach.
This project is a good example of the partnership approach adopted by TotalEnergies for its community development projects. 

  • 150
    tonnes of cargo offloaded every month
  • 2
    aid posts opened
  • 140 Kg
    of medical supplies delivered
  • 19496 Kg
    of medical equipment

 Aid Posts’ openings 

Post inauguration


Evara Aid Post

The Evara Aid Post was inaugurated on 26th February 2019. A partnership between the Digicel Foundation, the Papua LNG project, the Gulf Provincial Government and Evara community delivered this important service to the community.

New Poroi 2 AidPost Building to be Built

The ground breaking eremony for the Poroi2 Aidpost was held on 5th April 2019. The new building will improve health services for the local population.
Materials are currently being procured in Port Moresby and will be transported to site. Construction is expected to commence in May 2019. The Papua LNG project will fully fund the project.



Donation of medical supplies

Students wih their dental kits


RDTs kits and Covid masks for Kapuna, Jan 21st '22

Kapuna hospital being the main hospital which majority of the communities in the Project area of influence go to, TotalEnergies TEP PNG donated 1300 RDTs kits and 2200 covid masks to Kapuna hospital staff to help with their efforts in managing Covid at the hospital.

Dental Kits donations for Evara Primary School, Mar 23rd '21

Dental kits were donated to the students of Evara Primary School. The dental kits were donated to help support teaching of health and hygiene to the students.