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Methods & Tools

  • 16
    Community Liaison Officers on the field
  • 6
    Tok Save were produced and delivered since 2017
  • 69
    grievances addressed by local communities which have been resolved since 2016
  • 383
    calls made on the toll-free line which allow to maintain good relations with our stakeholders since 2020


  • Consultation - 1283
  • Awareness/Information Sharing - 917
  • Correspondence - 108
  • Others (Site visit/workshop) - 52

Transparent grievance management systems

  • The systems are compliant with the United Nations guiding principles on business and human rights. It is legitimate, accessible, predictable, equitable, human-rights compliant and transparant. Complaints are formally registred by the community liaison officers and the grievants receive copy of the grievance form.
  • Assessment ans investigation into grievancesis uaranteed by a transparant process. Complaint tracking system have been implemented. Grievances field are recorded in a comprehensive register. The process is monitored and can be audited at any time.
  • A preliminary solution is proposed within 24 hours. If the first option is rejected, up to four stages of exanges between the complainant and the project's team are provided for. 
  • A dialogue-based process. A new solution is proposed at each step of the discussion and news partners can be called if needed to work out an appropriate solu


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