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Health & Safety, Security for everyone

The risks and challenges relating to people’s health and safety are identified as part of a dynamic process that draws in particular on lessons learned, which are included in the HSE reference framework known as One MAESTRO (Management and Expectations Standards Toward Robust Operations).

One MAESTRO, applies to the Company subsidiaries and their operated sites and is based on 10 fundamental principles: 

  1. leadership and management commitment,
  2. compliance with laws, regulations and Company requirements,
  3. risk management,
  4. operational accountability,
  5. contractors and suppliers,
  6. expertise and training,
  7. emergency preparedness,
  8. learning from events,
  9. monitoring, audit and inspection, and
  10. performance improvement.


Protecting the safety of its employee, stakeholders and facilities is a priority for TotalEnergies, as is protecting the health of all people directly or indirectly involved in its activities.


To that aim, the Company has put in place its Twelve Golden Rules for Safety at Work.

Widely circulated within the affiliate, they bring together the fundamental rules which must be scrupulously observed by all personnel, whether employees or the staff of contractors, in all the countries and business segments in which the Company is active.

The aim of the Golden Rules is to set out simple, easy-to-remember rules that cover a large number of occupational accidents.


The Stop Card system in place also enables any employee of the Company or a contractor to intervene if, for example, any of the Golden Rules are not being followed. 

Starting in 2019, the Company has also rolled out the Our lives first: zero fatal accidents program, which comprises: 

> the introduction of joint safety tours with contractors,

> the incorporation into the permit to work process of a ritual to be performed prior to undertaking work at the Company’s operated sites (Safety Green Light), and

> tools to step up on-site checks and assess compliance with safety rules for eight high-risk activities (e.g: working at height, lifting operations, work on process or powered systems, working in confined spaces, hot work, excavation work,…).


In terms of security, the Company’s policy aims to ensure that the Company’s people, property and information assets are protected from malicious intent or acts. 

The affiliate provides that its security management system complies with the requirements of Papua New Guinea regulations and is in line with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights adopted by TotalEnergies.

It includes among others the following elements: analysis of the threat, risk assessment, choice of a security posture, implementation of preventive or protective measures, control and reporting and then regular reviews. 


With regard to the prevention of occupational health risks, the One MAESTRO framework provides that subsidiaries of the Company identify and assess risks at the workplace in the short, medium and long term.

To do this, the framework provides application guides for implementation.

The analysis of these health risks relates to chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and mental risks. This results in the roll-out of an action plan.

An Industrial Health correspondent in subsidiaries is identified and tasked with implementing the policy for identifying and assessing work-related health risks.